And finally, here we are again, with the fourth issue of Escritas do Subsolo. The release date was planned to be sooner but, the time goes by really fast and I was just not able to complete this on schedule. This issue is probably the last one. I’m not sure weither to continue or not but the most likely is to reformulate the fanzine to another format (non-digital of course) and only the time will say it. For now, I just want to introduce the bands I’ve had the opportunity to work with, learn from them and compose interesting and complete interviews which I believe they will stand as a valuable legacy. Annthennath, through Shaxul gave us a very appealing view of the inside world of the French band, while Drünken Bastards showed once again their usual non-compromised attitude towards whatsoever, fortunately converted to thrash punk hymns. Einsamtod and Dér, two young bands from Slovakia/Italy and Hungary, respectively, have shown their visions upon several topics, but not so young as Mandibula (Portugal) and Grotesque Communion (Brazil), only with one demo each, having though a lot to say and share. Check these guys out because, beside the bands they also share ideas and thoughts about other projects they are involved in. Turning eyes to Death Metal lovers I present you Entrails and Mandatory, two active bands playing very creative old-school DM. Their skills are quite impressive and especially the Germans Mandatory have proved to know a few things about what real metal is. Moving to another department, on the field of Black Metal with some mastering touches, the Spanish horde Empty are a MUST to all the melancholic BM, as it is The Frost, from Croatia and, in a widely different approach, the Belgium guys from Cult of Erinyes. All of them have something new and fresh to offer though, all of them have the necessary vibe to be respected by every kind of fans (old school and youngsters). Regarding other interviews, I leave the best to the end: the interview to Egg of Nihilism Productions just resulted in something awesome. If you are a nerd who likes to learn you have to check this up. As from my end I give you the second part of my article Pre-Roman Lusitania and, a (deserved) tribute to Drudkh, the Ukrainian band who brought the metal art to new limits. Besides that, the usual reviews. I guess there is a lot of them to read but, even though, I could write a lot more if I wouldn’t have a limit on the pages and a limit on my patient! See you next time, enjoy…


Escritas do Subsolo (Spellings from the Undergorund) is finally out, after several delays and lates, after large number of working hours and dedication to compile what I consider to be the best issue from this humble artifact. I will not lecture or dictate any thesis about whatever it is and I’m going straight to the point. In this third issue I enhance all the interviews. All of them deserve some highlight, starting in Taaken (artist involved in Odal, Aske, Wolfsschrei, Salvation666, between several others) was object of an extensive first split interview ever made in Escritas, with questions by me and my comrade Vercingétorix. This interview was also published in Blood…Fire…Wrath…#3. To remark this moment I include a poster A4 of Taaken in this edition. For the first time also, there’s an interview to a magazine, from USA, the Convivial Hermit Magazine, one of the best from that continent to me. Then, there is a remarkable group of interviews to Cripta Oculta, Celtic Dance, Arkenstone and Bruma Obscura, all bands from Portugal which makes the link to the first part of the article “Pre-Roman Lusitania”. The interviewed bands have here a very close approach to their musicality and connection to this ancient people from West Iberia. The Portuguese edition has the article and interviews, as homage to my own language, bands and topic.To complete the issue, are the visions and words spelled by Riddle of Meander, Eterna Penumbra, KRV, Veér, Age of Agony and Evil (this one made by Patrício Duarte). Considering other rubrics I included a Tribute to Defuntos, from Portugal, a band to have in account if you are into real cult depressive and funeral black metal. Death in their music and energy in their activity, they still move hard the walls of the cemeteries to enter inside a world that you don’t want to know: your own grave. For the rest, I also included for the first time reviews to fanzines, very unfortunately, the number doesn’t reach at all what I’ve planned but even though, I think is a sympathic amount of reviews. I never did so many reviews as now, but there is more to come in the next issue.


Finally the second issue is here! A long time I was waiting to release this opus and share all the words, thoughts and perspectives of all minds included herein. After almost one year from the first issue I have to greet all the people that continued at my side and all the new people I met through the zine. Is good to understand that, on contrary of what some say, the underground is quite alive and strong. Despite all the diseases and worms present in every corner of this planet the mean is a healthy cultural space there are still out there many decent people who is willing to move on in the underground with honor, dedication and discipline.
The content included is basically the same of TOMO I, and here I remark the dedication of all bands. One big difference regarding the previous number is the volume of reviews. As I got releases by trades or to review, I decided that I would listen to all the music that I got in a form of gratitude and retribution to the gesture. Of course due the volume of stuff I received, not all the items I got are here included so, to fix that is going to be released a new issue very soon to review the rest of releases pending. Attila’s biography is a sequence of the previous article, about the Huns, and complete a view of this people that made some important marks in Europe’s history. Lovecraft’s byography, by other hand, follow the life and work of a man that turned singular by several points of view. The interviews, by it’s end aimed to be longer and more complete, taking an insight view of remarkable characters of each person/band. To finish, I just would like to recall people to pay attention to the paperzines. This documents are the fruit of many work and dedication, are the testimony and the word of so many great bands, personalities and cultures that cannot be replaced by a website screen with pretty colors. The price they cost is just a symbolic action to have it in your hands and appreciate it in a much higher level than sitting hours in front of a monitor. If you are with me on this thought so support
the paperzines and do not let them die!


Escritas do Subsolo (Spellings from the Underground) was born from the deepest parts of the earth, the caves of my mind. In the beginning of the year of MMVIII, inspired by the landscapes of Bükk Mountains, the forests of Northern Hungary, and the gelid wind of the steppes, I came with the determination to get this achievement. The success of this is only possible due the true spirit of the underground, comradeship and participation of all the Hordes that worked together with me. Each band/personality gave me the chance of get to know them a little better than the music that they make. I tried to conduct the interviews to a closer point of view, figuring out the other side of the band. The music, beside all the senses that can give to the listener, all the miscellaneous feelings, starting from the sadness, wrath, rebellion and hatred travelling to power, dreams and atmospheric scenes, has a very strong concept behind it. Since the beginning of Humanity, the music is above all, the expression of some emotion, act or ceremony. Is integrated and associated with the humankind, since the born to the present days. Is also a communication media, bright and full of art. This art, the elaborated expressions of the creative minds into massive objects, take in something much more besides music.
About the topics, styles and types, my choice for this first issue, was shortly limited, within Metal Music borders. Of course, the mark is always the underground level. Realize the slightly vast range of realities. For me, no matter the style, it’s art. It’s the expression of several minds and cultures, concepts and different passions. Is converted into human value, human heritage and something eternally carved in stone of existence. Each music is unique just for being and we are gifted by the possibility of hear it, and listen what the artist wanted to share with us, from is own mind…The converted ones in music shit projects are not here featured although, in this issue, I didn’t limit the style range. I don’t imagine myself all the time just listening just one Metal style, not even two. Like me, many people on this earth’s face. So, in this issue, we have the random order of interviews of Marblebog, Exile, Dark Forest and Remmirath showing up their visions of nature, connected with different life (and death) philosophies and concepts. Since the philosophic and abstract matters are spoken by Marblebog, Dark Forest speaks about the Viking/Scandinavian heritage in Canada. The dark nature was conducted by Exile’s mentor and, Remmirath gives us a perspective about Slovakia nature and culture as well. The darkest sides of the world were featured by Balmog and Slidhr, while the poetic and melancholic music of Omitir is a little bit explained. In Tha Umbra, Gwydion, Epping Forest and MONS LVNAE told us more about their lyrical and musical inspirations, as their carrier on the metal scene. Sombre Labyrinthe and his point of views and perspectives about humanism are faced here and Concealment, with intricate musical and lyrical composition, speaks about the metamorphosis on Kafka style. Hunok is asked about their associated Hun culture and music. This band, actually, was the bridge to the article about the Huns, with an approach about this people and culture that, I hope, can give you all, a good introduction. Of course there’s much more to tell, which is not possible just in two pages. An approach as well, very interesting was made about the Marquis de Sade, the French personality, presented here with a biography.
Relating the reviews, this small issue for now, was constructed with the great collaboration of Herege Warfare Productions, with some offered items to review. The other reviewed releases are of my own choice, with no special criteria on the selection, but trying to show up a shortlist of Portuguese bands releases.
Concerning this issue, it was thought to be printed in two idioms but, due to several difficulties, it was understood that the English version only, is the best solution. Under reasons that is not worthy to speak here about, and if we want to share all the words contained here, for the joy of all who appreciate it, the better option was this printed edition limited to 300 copies.
Finally, I hope you can enjoy this document, since this cover some bands and articles not so usually featured in the underground media.

A great Hail, see you around!