TOMO II Primo Vere MMIX 14/05/2009

The second number of the Zine is finally out!

Great interviews with The Stone (SER), The Wizard of Doom (SWE), Decayed (POR), Graveyard (SPA), Vorkuta (HUN), Nekrogoat Heresy/War Flagellation Productions (POR), Undersave (POR), Vulturine (BRA), Deathrow (ITA), Vérzivatar (HUN).

This issue comes also with two articles: Attila the Hun, H.P. Lovecraft
Plus a lot of reviews!! Check this is out and contact for trades, wholesales prices, sales.

Caverna Abismal Records 09/02/2009

Caverna Abismal Records is going to born from the depths..

This new label is going to produce, for now, mainly the tape format which doens't mean other format will not be released. Details will be revealed on another ocasion.
At the moment, still searching the first release..

Updates for the TOMO II Hibernu MMIX 20/01/2009

First news to 2009.
More interviews complete:
Nekrogoat Heresy Productions/War Flagelation Productions, The Wizard of Doom.

Other bands on the way to include:
Negura Bunget, Flagellum Dei, Undersave, Veér.

Printing is for soon!!

Forging TOMO II Hibernu MMIX 18/12/2008

The new act is being prepared.
Expect deeper interviews to bands such as Decayed, Blut Aus Nord, The Stone, Vorkuta, Vérzivatar, Graveyard, Disaffected, Velnias and others.

The Reviews chapter is being largely increased due the amount of trades and offers. Since now, my thanks to all the distros/labels/bands/individuals/zines that showed interest in keep the old spirit.

Articles are being made, but not revealed here.

The release is coming soon, early MMIX.

Tradelist Updated 2/12/2008

ART OF MASSACRE (HUN) - Massacre of art 5x
DAILY LIFE SUCKS (HUN) - The last six minutes of your life 2x
HAVE A BRUTAL DAY! – World Wide Compilation 3x
SHADOWTHRONE/FUNEBRE/ASSUR (HUN) - Forever on the dark side 5x


The first number of ESCRITAS DO SUBSOLO Zine is OUT NOW!!
Born from the deepest parts of the earth, this zine came to support the underground Extreme Music.
English written, 36 pages and Black & White A4 professional-print of 300 copies handnumbered. 5 Euro (Portugal), 7 Euro (Europe), 8 Euro (World) Price included P&P. Send cash in well hidden letter. To portuguese people, transfers are possible. Bands, labels, distros, zines can send your stuff to reviews on the next number but trades are also very welcome, (but write first please)!! All contacts get answer.

Send orders to escritasdosubsolo [at]

Tomo I Vernum MMVIII
Esta fanzine, com o nome Escritas do Subsolo, com previsão de saída do primeiro número no final de Maio, de índole ainda modesta, vai ser dedicada a todos os tipos de metal, dando especial ênfase a bandas ou projectos do espectro do metal underground nacional e internacional.

As principais rubricas são as habituais, com entrevistas, lançamentos, concertos e editoras, etc, mas vai ser inserida outra componente cultural, com artigos sobre diversos temas, desde biografias, leituras, locais de interesse, assuntos de culto e novidades. Está a ser pensado a edição de um CD compilação, com várias bandas do espectro underground.

A revista será editada em língua inglesa com uma tiragem de 300 cópias.

Deixo uma lista das bandas incluídas e confirmadas, para que tenham uma ideia do que vai ser este primeiro número:
Hunok (HUN), Marblebog (HUN), Exile (BGR), Gwydion (PT), Epping Forest (PT), Concealment (PT), Balmog (ESP), In Tha Umbra (PT), Mons Lvnae (PT), Omitir (PT), Sombre Labyrinthe (BEL), Dark Forest (CAN), Remmirath (SLK) e Slidhr (IRL).

Para qualquer tipo de informação, contactar: escritasdosubsolo [at]


This fanzine, with the name Spellings of Underground, with forecast output of the first issue in late May, still modest in nature, is going to be dedicated to all types of metal with a special emphasis on projects or bands of the spectrum of national and international underground metal music.

The main items are the usual, with interviews, news, concerts and labels, etc., but is going to be made with other cultural component, with articles on various subjects, from biographies, readings, places of interest, matters of religion/philosophy and news. It is in way a compilation CD, with bands from the underground spectrum.

The magazine will be edited in english language with a printing of 300 copies.

I leave a list of bands included and confirmed, to have an idea of what is going to be the first number:
Hunok (HUN), Marblebog (HUN), Exile (BGR), Gwydion (PT), Epping Forest (PT), Concealment (PT), Balmog (ESP), In Tha Umbra (PT), Mons Lvnae (PT), Omitir (PT), Sombre Labyrinthe (BEL), Dark Forest (CAN), Remmirath (SLK) and Slidhr (IRL).

For any type of information, contact: escritasdosubsolo [at]